Gillian Baudreau is mom to two boys Connor (6) and Bryce (4), and has been an event planner for over 15 years. She's worked on everything from weddings to trade shows to fundraising events. 

Most recently, after deciding to stop working full time once she had Connor, she became a fitness instructor & manager with FIT4MOM, a company dedicated to fitness & wellness programs for every stage of motherhood. While working with, and planning events for, moms in the "Body Back" program, she realized how much the moms enjoyed their "Moms' Nights Out" and weekend getaways. She decided to take this experience and start planning these types of events on a larger scale. So "Mama Needs a Timeout" was born! 

Being a stay-at-home (or rather work-at-home) mom, Gillian knows first-hand how hard - and thankless - this job of motherhood is. She is so excited to start this new venture and use her event planning skills to help all the moms get the break they deserve! 

Gillian lives in North Reading, MA with her husband, Jason, and their two active boys!